Pisces weekly horoscope march 18

Avoid making big plans for this week with people from other places.

March 18th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

New circumstances will arise that will bring unexpected changes to your plans. During these seven days you will have an important conversation with a person in your circle of relatives who will be dealing with a serious family problem.

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During the week you will experience negative interference in your family affairs by a person outside your circle of relatives. During the week, a conversation will be a loss or a serious nuisance in the life of a woman who is your relative, girlfriend or neighbor. During the week, many will be delighted with news related to the birth of a child. Women will have contact with people from their past who will appear unexpectedly on online social networks or in a surprise meeting in public.

Men will have serious conversations at home about issues affecting family members, their plans for the future, work, health and more. Pisces Weekly Horoscope 18 - 24 November, If you were born under the sign of Pisces, there is a week in which you will have to deal with serious or unpleasant domestic or household problems.

My advice is not to delay them, but to create a better organization for their implementation. This will be a good week for moving or making changes to your home. The week will provide you with many exciting opportunities and experiences that can give you optimism. Such events will give you more energy, which will also be important for your spiritual development. New contacts in these seven days will open up new opportunities, give you new knowledge, change your life in some way. You will be more likely to be more tolerant of your enemies and will easily ignore their intrigues or malicious comments.

Financially, the week will require more calculus in your actions, which I hope does not make it difficult for you. They are in search for love and easily become its preachers and missionaries, taking things in their own hands and showing affection without shame or holding back. They are the conquerors among Pisces and people who know what they want and what they need to do to get it. Still, their heart remains their mystery and they rarely fully understand its ways.

Although they embrace their emotions as this distant point they need to grasp and reach, they aren't aware of them at all times and will often try to do something quicker and more reckless than they would if they were in sync with their heart.

Their love life has to be filled with excitement and sexuality plays an important role in any bond they form. However, the only thing of true value to any relationship they form is in the sense of purpose it carries along. A person born on March 18th excels in all sorts of sports and martial arts if they find this to be their love story in this lifetime.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

They will show initiative and qualities of a leader, pushing forwards only to break new records and boundaries. This makes them excel in all activities that need extra energy, physical or mental. In time, they learn enough to become teachers with a cause and missionaries that are to incorporate their life's philosophy into lives of those around them. Celestobarite is a crystal that combines barium and strontium suphates, giving it the exact colorful image that pleases the nature of people born on March 18th.

It is a stone that will cleanse the solar plexus chakra and help one find their grounding, while at the same time soothing the powerful energies from their inner world as they start to rise. It is used for the highest good and brings balance to the entire system of the person wearing it. This stone is also known to cut through all sorts of barriers, taking you beyond your safety realm and into new adventures of life. A gift for a person born on the 18th of March may be anything from sports equipment to colorful candles they will use.

It is very good to find ways to connect their inner Fire with the natural element of Water they belong to. Go with something they are passionate about and inspire them to pursue these feelings.

If you don't know them that well, their ideal gift is something to give light. Energetic, forceful and willing to bravely jump into new things, they are the innovators among Pisces and those who are always willing to go into battle for their strong beliefs. Conflicted, out of balance and selfish, they easily forget the ways of their heart just to reach the perfect image they wish to create.

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